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Yesterday was a disappointing day as far as business was concerned so I needed some motivation, and this video did the trick! I did not get the contract that I wanted, but at least I did meet some new people that I enjoyed networking with.


As long as a lesson is there to be learned, and the wisdom to heed it...nothing is ever a loss.


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This is unfiltered honesty...

Here’s a personal video called Transform :: A Short FIlm


I have the utmost respect for this photographer. I’ve gained a lot of insight for this business, and this expressional art form as a whole.


His name being Zach Arias, and if this is the first time you’ve heard of him …


Visit his website:

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What motivates me?


Motivation … that’s a beautiful word! It means that you’re mortal, and broken to the point that your inner strength needs to be incited and elevated. This video has always been able to provide the gas needed to rev up to the next gear needed to keep me pushing forward. Watch it, and thank me later.  (-_-)


- dp -

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Out of all the options, why photography?


Honestly, I never really had a innate desire to become a photographer. I called the transition, “circumstances of the situation”. 


When our son and company's namesake, Josiah (Pictured Above), was born he received an outstanding amount of attention everywhere he went with suggestions of introducing him to the modeling industry. As we he got older, and his charismatic personality became apparent we started to give it some serious thought.


If he were to succeed in this industry then he would definitely need a photography portfolio. Maybe it was the entrepreneur spirit within or just my outer frugalness, but I thought that if “they” could do it then why can’t I?” So the journey began…


Years later, an endless amount of hours practicing and studying, an extensive amount of funds invested and a dedicated team of supporters … I turned a dream into a hobby, a hobby into a profession, profession into a business and a business into a legacy to leave for our children. 


Feeling blessed!


- dp -

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